More updates

Sorry I haven’t been updating this regularly but I’ve been busy developing a site about making money with domain names. That’s right, I’m sharing my domaining secrets with the public on my new website I wrote everything on the site myself and it took only a few hours, a lot less time than I […]

To the spammers

I just deleted 275 spam comments and installed Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress. Good luck trying to get past that. All the spam comments were on my Linux 101 article, the article which hit Digg’s front page, which is probably why the spammers were so attracted to that post of mine.

Linux 101

Your operating system is the software that manages both the hardware and software resources of your computer. It is used to interface with your hardware, manage memory and run applications. Without it you wouldn’t be able to browse the Internet, burn CD’s, listen to music or do any of the other activities that you associate […]