Clients From Hell: Funniest Site Ever

I recently came across a site called Clients From Hell and I’m hooked. The site describes itself as:

A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

Although I’ve never done any freelance design work myself, a lot of these horror stories sound all too familiar, since I do freelance web coding and consulting.

Pretty much all of the quotes on their are priceless, but here are a few of my personal favorites.

An animation budget of $1200 for a movie like “Finding Nema” – Link

“The unicorns don’t look realistic enough.” – Link

“Can you make the blue match the color of the sky right now?” – Link

This one hit a little too close to home, sounds like a lot of emails I get from Custom ThemeLink

I browse it every now and then for a good laugh. I know it’s funny but try not to get hooked, it can be pretty distracting.

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