How To Upload a Filtered Photo to Your WordPress Site on iOS

So you took an awesome photo with your phone, and want to upload it directly to your WordPress site? Maybe even add one of those cool hipsterish filters to make it look even awesome-r? Here’s how:

Step 1: Take a photo

There’s a handy app built-in to every iOS device called “Camera” which will allow you to take photographs on the go. Food, landscapes, selfies, whatever you want.

Step 2: Edit the photo

There’s a slew of photo editing apps for iOS that allow you to filter stuff and make photos look even more artsy than the tilted angle you took your original photo at.

I use Camera+. I think it cost me around 99 cents when I bought it ($1.99 as I write this), and there are surely other (free) alternatives out there too.

Step 3: Get the WordPress iOS app

It’s free. Download it, open it, and follow the on-screen instructions to login to your WordPress site.

Step 4: Upload and publish it.

In the WordPress app, expand the menu, and touch the “Photo” icon in the lower left corner. Select the filtered photo you created in step 2, put it in a post, and publish it.

Not exactly rocket science, huh?

Using this method, you don’t need run your photo through any third-party services with sketchy terms of service, questionable security practices, that weren’t funded with (allegedly) TOS-violating Kickstarter campaign money.

Alternatively, you could take off your tin-foil hat and just use Instagram. Last I checked, they backed down from that “we can sell your photos without your permission” clause in their TOS due to mass user backlash.

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