Hacked :(

One of my sites, which I don’t even pay attention to, got hacked recently thanks to an exploit in an insecure script called sNews. The script has since been patched. It wasn’t really hacked, more like a defacement as the only thing this script kiddie did was overwrite my index.php file and some lame attempt at trying to use a shell script on my server. I’m not going to mention which site it was because the domain it uses has blatant trademark issues and I don’t want to associate my name with it due to legal reasons. This is the first time I have ever had anything defaced or hacked, so I will make sure to use up-to-date scripts from now on to prevent these dumb script kiddie attacks.

More updates

Sorry I haven’t been updating this regularly but I’ve been busy developing a site about making money with domain names. That’s right, I’m sharing my domaining secrets with the public on my new website DNDough.com. I wrote everything on the site myself and it took only a few hours, a lot less time than I expected. I guess when I’m writing about something I’m knowledgable about it goes quicker. Feel free to check out the site and contact me if you have any questions about domain names.

Poem Spam

I recently submit a site of mine to Digg called Poem Spam. Have you ever received weird spam e-mail resembling a poem? Well this site is dedicated to it. It has a few spams already in the database but it needs more. Unfortunately my Digg submission didn’t make front page, a few people commented and seemed to like it though. Check it out and feel free to submit some of your spam to it.


I know it has been a long time since I last posted, over a month, but I’d like to try to make posts at least once a day from now on. For the past month and a half, I’ve been working on various sites, mostly small ones. I have plans for what I hope to be a pretty large and active site at AllBethesda.com. Bethesda is a suburb of Washington D.C. and also my hometown. It’s going to be a local portal, with forums, restaurant reviews, shopping information, entertainment, art, and even a chatroom (bought a FlashChat license from Tufat for $5). It is pretty much built, I used Joomla to develop it and used a free template I found on a Joomla template site. Now I need to promote it somehow, feel free to comment if you have any ideas on how to promote a local portal.