Two new free themes at Theme Lab

Since the redesign of Theme Lab, 2 new free WordPress themes have been released. First is Beach Vacation, screenshot below:

…and most recently: Star Shine (the old design I used on Theme Lab).

Click the images for more information. I hope I’ve taken up enough space so there’s not some guy staring at you when you first visit (in the video in the post below).

Got errors? Consider them caught.

That’s the slogan for my new site, Catch Errors, a proofreading and editing company. I’ve been wanting to start something like this for a while to take advantage of my proofreading/editing skills, and I saw the perfect opportunity when I saw the domain available this morning. I registered it, bought a unique template for it, and developed it, all within a few hours. Pretty impressive, eh? If you need any proofreading or editing done check out the site and let me know.

New domain portfolio

I just added my domain portfolio to the blog using a WordPress Domain Portfolio plugin, which was just released yesterday I believe. I’ve been waiting a while for someone to make something like this for WordPress, plus it’s nice to have a full set of links in the top navigation menu (before I had 2 links to the “network”). I customized it a bit to match with the design. The bulk add feature came in handy while adding my 100+ names at GoDaddy. The sorting feature is also a nice way to keep track of expiration dates. Overall I’d say it’s a good plugin, fits my needs perfectly.

WordPress Experts

Yesterday I created WordPress Experts, which is a WordPress development and consulting company. I’ve been working with WordPress quite some time and have developed a pretty good understanding of it, and thought it was about time to do something like this. The design you see on the site is unique. I’ve had it for a while, but haven’t had a use for it until now. I got it coded into XHTML/CSS and integrated it into WordPress myself. If you need any help with WordPress, be sure to check out the site and send me a message through there.

Theme Lab redesign and a new website

You may have noticed that Theme Lab now has a brand new design. I think it’s a huge improvement over the old ugly theme it had before. Lately I’ve also been updating a new site at Curiously Cool. It’s basically just a news site with interesting articles, usually science-related. Feel free to check it out and read some of the articles.

How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

This is pretty random, hence it’s going to be filed under the “Random stuff” category. Basically it’s a quick three part quiz that asks questions to determine how many five year olds you could take in a fight. It judges you on physical ability, experience/training, and “moral compass” to compile the number. My score is below:


Feel free to take the quiz and respond with your score.