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I managed to secure an interview with the up and coming music artist Reh Dogg, well-known for his YouTube video “Why Must I Cry.” In the interview we answer questions about his background, name origin, his history in the music industry, and his YouTube success. Here is the unedited interview with Reh Dogg:

L: Tell us a little bit about your background, where did you grow up?

RD: I grew up in St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands. After I graduated High school I moved to Hartford, Connecticut. I started out primarly as a Virgin Island dancehall reggae artist. I toured several times. I open a show for Super Cat & Frankie Paul and went on a Virgin Island tour with them. Back then my performing name was “Professor Dan” When I got to Connecticut I grew bored of reggae. I expanded my skills to hip-hop/r&b & tried alternative rock. About 6 months ago I decided I needed another challenge hence producing,directing and acting in my
music videos.

L: Reh Dogg, how did you come up with that name?

RD: I had a champion bloodline dog and he died of rare cancer. So I took Reh from the first part of my name and added dogg in rememberence of him.

L: How did you get started in the music industry? What inspired you to start making music?

RD: Back in Junior high & highschool I use to use music as a weapon. Whenever someone made me upset I would sing a nasty song about them then share the song with friends. After awhile my friends said you are really good you should think about doing this professionally and expand your topics. In the beginning I was inspired by Artists like Yellowman, Tiger, & Ninjaman. As my style changed I had new influences. For sometime I started listening to Alternative Rock. My buddies (Andrew & Sean) got me into that kind of music. I was amazed how much I loved it. Smashing Pumpkins,Pearl Jam, Metallica, & Nirvana were my favorites.

L: Tell us something about your career history, how many albums have you released in the past?

RD: I can’t really remember. Unofficially I use to compile a group of songs and put them on cassette and give the album a name. As I got more advanced I started creating cd albums. Currently I have 8 released cd albums on Itunes & cdbaby with the 9th album unrealeased and waiting to be shipped.

L: Your song “Why Must I Cry” has become very popular on YouTube, how do you feel about that?

RD: That’s a very good question? For the wrong reasons many youtube members find the video and song hillarious. So for those reasons I don’t really feel good about the responces. Then you have racist people calling me every name you could think of. I feel sorry for them because they are close-minded. Then you have people that understood the message behind the song. The people who saw and felt the rwa emotions. I feel good about that.

L: I noticed you are not signed with a major label, do you have plans to sign with a label in the future?

RD: No plans now or ever. Music is my daily journal. All my songs and videos are about my life. I seriously doubt anyone would take a chance on me because I am on a different level and I change the rap game completley. There are some that say it’s about damn time. And others who say men shouldn’t show this sensitive and real side.

And that’s all there is to the interview. I wish Reh Dogg the best of luck in his career. I’d also like to encourage my readers to visit and check out some of his albums.

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