The First 2009 Update

Yeah, I know the last post on this blog was in August of 2008, which was nearly a year ago. I got bored today so decided to update this blog for all you loyal subscribers out there, all eight of you (you know who you are).

This wasn’t the only blog that I left dormant. My other (much more popular) blog, Theme Lab, was also void of any updates for several months. I recently revived it and picked up where I left off. I think I’m pretty lucky to have amassed such a loyal group of subscribers.

So anyway, here’s what I’ve done today to the blog here at

  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1
  • Upgraded a number of plugins (pretty easy nowadays)
  • Changed the theme from Monochromatic to this
  • Added a nice widgetized footer

That’s about it. I may update this blog in the future, I may not. I don’t really know as I don’t keep track of it much.

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