Three New Sites

Okay, I bought/built three new sites in the past week. I figured I’d just combine all these into one post.

The first two sites are ones that I bought from Eric Sizemore (aka SecondVersion). I got a pretty good deal on them.

Domain Cleaner – This is just a simple tool that will take a lot of jumbled text, and extract a nicely formatted list of domain names from it. It’s an extremely useful tool if you’re scanning domains for availability and can’t get a clean list. I’ve used it a lot in the past so when I saw the opportunity to buy the actual site, I took it.

RSS2JS – This is another pretty cool web-based tool that will take any RSS feed and convert is to a Javascript snippet, which can then be placed on a website and then styled with CSS.

The third site is one that I created myself.

Themelets – This is a site where I can showcase all the WordPress child themes and theme frameworks I come across. At the moment, I don’t think child themes are allowed to be listed in the official WordPress Theme Directory, so I guess this also fills a hole in the WordPress child theme sub-niche.

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