Your Own Personal Online Todo List

Some of you asked how I set up my todo list after I posted a screenshot of it a few days ago. I set it up from a freely available script I found on, from a tutorial called AJAX-ed Todo List With PHP, MySQL & jQuery.

In the following screencast tutorial, I’ll show you how to set it up on a cPanel host (I used HostGator):

  • Set up a subdomain for your todo list page (optional, necessary in some cases)
  • Password protect the directory your todo list is in (optional, highly recommended)
  • Download the script from TutorialZine, extract the files, and upload them via FTP
  • Set up a database, create a user, and add the user to the database
  • Get the database connection details and put it in the connection file
  • Import the database structure through PHPmyAdmin

Screencast is after the jump.


  • Remember, you need to download the script from this TutorialZine post.
  • A set up a subdomain because using “todo” as a subdirectory conflicted with one of my older WordPress posts. Type in to see what I mean.
  • It’s a good idea to password protect the directory since anyone can edit your todo list if not. Not to mention if you have top secret todo items, you probably want to keep that hidden.

I still love Screenr, by the way. I know this todo list script is pretty simple and there are more advanced third-party options available. I appreciate the simplicity though.

Hope you all liked the tutorial, let me know what you think in the comments. If you have any ideas for non-WordPress-related screencasts, let me know!

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